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 Another bite in Austria?

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Neven Vrbanic

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PostSubject: Another bite in Austria?   Sat 23 Feb - 20:52

I found this on FB. My german is not good but from what I understand, was there another bite in Austria? German speaking members please let us know...

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Peter Zürcher
Peter Zürcher

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PostSubject: Re: Another bite in Austria?   Sat 23 Feb - 21:13

It's been an unlucky one-fang bite, or even more a sting while handling/fixing the Bitis nasicornis for a treatment.
Everything has been well done, the victim was exemplarily good prepared, had other snake experts soon at hand and emergency documents for the doctors ready.
As far as i know he should be okay - and this accident should remain only as an example how professional it should be managed.
Due to this and the fact that his collection is legal and controlled by authorities, i dont expect any negative impact on snake keepers in Austria or elsewhere.

Cobras - breathtaking beauties!
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Rainer Fesser

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PostSubject: Re: Another bite in Austria?   Sat 23 Feb - 22:00

Concerning his health, he is ok.
I visited him in hospital yesterday, he will probably go home today. A few blisters on the "bitten" finger, a swollen (not really much) hand and arm, pain, that´s it. Maybe he had the luck of his life, it was a big B. nasicornis with full venom-glands (luckily they are still full). He scratched his finger on one of the snake´s fangs (the snake probably even didn´t realize it) while trying to administer some medication.
Don´t ask me what I told him about this action yesterday and there will be more discussion.

The bad thing is that politicians now again call for banning this hobby,... and we now have the same troubles that we could manage to get away from a while ago.

I hope we´ll be able to deal with this again though each time it´s an extremely nerve-consuming stunt and it´s getting harder each time with incidents like this one.

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PostSubject: Re: Another bite in Austria?   

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Another bite in Austria?
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