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 Rattlesnake Republic Petition

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Lee Reeve

Number of posts : 52
Age : 37
Location : Hull
Points : 2114
Registration date : 2012-04-29

PostSubject: Rattlesnake Republic Petition   Wed 9 Jan - 22:10

Tweeted by Austin Stevens and many others.

"Thanks to my Facebook follower Samir Shoofi for bringing to my attention the petition regarding 'Rattlesnake Republic' Please add your names

Animal Planet: Stop glorifying animal cruelty with your program 'Rattlesnake Republic'

The killing of seals or dolphins brings international outcry; however, reptiles are slaughtered on TV for entertainment! This has to stop!"


Hope this is in the correct place.
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Frank Manda

Number of posts : 83
Age : 33
Location : USA
Points : 1915
Registration date : 2012-12-17

PostSubject: Re: Rattlesnake Republic Petition   Wed 9 Jan - 23:11

Thanks for the link Lee. We also need to flood Animal Planet with emails letting them know just how disgusting this program is. Just remember to be polite, don't use profanity, and spell correctly. I sent an email recently vowing to stop watching any channel affiliated with the Discovery Channel and do everything I possibly can to get others to do the same. We need to hold their feet to the fire on this one people. I also emailed the program director of AP suggesting that if they will not completely shut down "Rattlesnake Republic", they need to at least show the other end of the spectrum and follow the good people that are fighting to get rattlesnake roundups banned and explain why many people view roundups as a negative thing. As of now they do nothing but glorify the absolute slaughter of thousands of rattlesnakes by a group of rednecks and promote the already negative reputation that snakes have. Steve Irwin would be spinning in his grave if he knew what direction Animal Planet has gone.
here are some Email addresses of some of the program directors and "higher ups" at the Discovery Channel:
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Joel Power

Number of posts : 135
Age : 29
Location : Eastern, Mississippi
Points : 2472
Registration date : 2011-07-29

PostSubject: Re: Rattlesnake Republic Petition   Thu 10 Jan - 12:58

Animal Planet.....I hate them as much as I do PETA....which over looks reptiles all the time.
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Jon Davidson
Serpent Chief
Serpent Chief

Number of posts : 512
Age : 62
Location : Toronto area, Canada
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Registration date : 2009-02-28

PostSubject: Re: Rattlesnake Republic Petition   Thu 10 Jan - 22:37

Joel Power wrote:
Animal Planet.....I hate them as much as I do PETA....which over looks reptiles all the time.
I don't know about that... Some folks at PETA have written a couple of compelling articles about how live reptiles are collected, shipped, housed and kept by some of the more seedy wholesale pet reptile operations and how live reptiles- snakes in particular- are kept in tiny, sterile plastic 'shoe boxes' by some private collectors. A 'google' search should provide those articles. I signed the petition, but I have little faith that Discovery Channel or Animal Planet will change their programing anytime soon... Historically, reptiles have always been used to titillate the general public. Steve Irwin being a good example of that. Change has to start somewhere, though... Thank you for posting the link, Mr. Reeve. Sincerely, Jon Davidson .
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Nicholas Meador

Number of posts : 21
Age : 30
Location : Indiana, USA
Points : 1934
Registration date : 2012-08-30

PostSubject: Re: Rattlesnake Republic Petition   Tue 29 Jan - 10:58

I loathe Animal Planet and its asinine productions.
Shock sensationalism and barbarism at its worst.
Disgusting and absolutely vile propaganda.
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Dillon Haining

Number of posts : 45
Age : 22
Location : Ottawa, Canada
Points : 2118
Registration date : 2012-03-31

PostSubject: Re: Rattlesnake Republic Petition   Tue 29 Jan - 13:20

I agree with Nicholas in regards to Animal Planet. One of their worst propoganda tools in my opinion is the show "Fatal Attractions". Dean Ripa wrote a great article (which I will post a link to below) on his experience dealing with these "ambulance chasers".


Sorry to take this off topic.. Now to Rattlesnake Republic. I find that this is just a simplistic way to keep the masses scared. They depict these animals as evil, killing machines and that they (the people) are doing everyone a favour by killing them off when in actuality these snakes help keep mice and rat populations down. I will try and find the link to a study I had read about which graphed the rat/mice population in areas where these round-ups have occured.
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PostSubject: Re: Rattlesnake Republic Petition   

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Rattlesnake Republic Petition
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