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Dear Venomland Members and Friends, Venomland is a little more than 6 years old now and by far the biggest Hot Snake community on the Planet! We want to thank all of you who made Venomland the leading Board. We are also very thankful to our Moderators and Admins for years of hard work. Now, it is time to move on. I have been thinking how to proceed and what to do with our beloved board as we reach a size, that we need to make drastic changes to secure the future of our community. As of now, Venomland is hosted by a free (well mostly free) hosting service. That was good for the first years but now we need to find a new way to run our forum. I have spend hundreds of Dollars over the years to keep Venomland up and running, and i have done so with pleasure. Now, we need your help! We need to come up with several thousand dollars for our Venomland 2.0 project, which i frankly cant pay for any longer by myself. So Venomland is asking his Friends and Members for the first time for their financial Support. Please help to keep Venomland alive, and let us move on to a new, better Portal in the Future! Every Dollar is helping us a great deal. I know, its hard times for everyone, but please spare a few Dollar for our community. If you have only 10 Dollars to spare, we are grateful, if it is more, it would be awesome. We are planning to develop a very new Venomland, with real community functions, a forum like you are already loving it and a real (online) Hot Snake Magazin. Also, there will be download areas for scientific papers, Wallpapers and more. Again folks, we can only do that if you all help. Please send me a Private Message if you want to keep Venomland alive, i will provide you with the details on how to donate Money. For now, we can accept money from creditcards via skrill (please google it, its a free service - account-details will be forwarded to you) and paypal. All the best, and for a (hopefully) nice future of our Board. Mario

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 1,0 Viridovipera gumprechti

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René Ries

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Registration date : 2008-05-09

PostSubject: 1,0 Viridovipera gumprechti   Sat 10 May - 17:44

Hi folks!

Here´s one of my Viridovipera gumprechti males - just love those red-eyed guys!
I hope you like him too Very Happy

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Christian Moisander

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PostSubject: Re: 1,0 Viridovipera gumprechti   Sat 10 May - 18:12

Great photo! Beautiful species, I too kept 1.1 of these some years ago.
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Ari Finsk

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PostSubject: Re: 1,0 Viridovipera gumprechti   Fri 11 Dec - 14:09

If you don´t mind putting this here under your topic ... here is a very bad pic of my 2 weeks ago arriwed new and only one:
Viridovipera gumbrechti cb07, Phu Luang, Loei province, Thailand

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PostSubject: Re: 1,0 Viridovipera gumprechti   

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1,0 Viridovipera gumprechti
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