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Dear Venomland Members and Friends, Venomland is a little more than 6 years old now and by far the biggest Hot Snake community on the Planet! We want to thank all of you who made Venomland the leading Board. We are also very thankful to our Moderators and Admins for years of hard work. Now, it is time to move on. I have been thinking how to proceed and what to do with our beloved board as we reach a size, that we need to make drastic changes to secure the future of our community. As of now, Venomland is hosted by a free (well mostly free) hosting service. That was good for the first years but now we need to find a new way to run our forum. I have spend hundreds of Dollars over the years to keep Venomland up and running, and i have done so with pleasure. Now, we need your help! We need to come up with several thousand dollars for our Venomland 2.0 project, which i frankly cant pay for any longer by myself. So Venomland is asking his Friends and Members for the first time for their financial Support. Please help to keep Venomland alive, and let us move on to a new, better Portal in the Future! Every Dollar is helping us a great deal. I know, its hard times for everyone, but please spare a few Dollar for our community. If you have only 10 Dollars to spare, we are grateful, if it is more, it would be awesome. We are planning to develop a very new Venomland, with real community functions, a forum like you are already loving it and a real (online) Hot Snake Magazin. Also, there will be download areas for scientific papers, Wallpapers and more. Again folks, we can only do that if you all help. Please send me a Private Message if you want to keep Venomland alive, i will provide you with the details on how to donate Money. For now, we can accept money from creditcards via skrill (please google it, its a free service - account-details will be forwarded to you) and paypal. All the best, and for a (hopefully) nice future of our Board. Mario

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Mario Lutz
Lord of the Serpents
Lord of the Serpents

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PostSubject: STOLEN WORLD: A TALE OF REPTILES, SMUGGLERS, AND SKULLDUGGERY Jennie Erin Smith Crown Publishing 336 pp.   Tue 7 Dec - 6:58

336 pp.
$25.00 + $6.00 S&H in the U.S.

Place your order by 15 December 2010 and you are guaranteed an autographed copy. This is a controversial book about the world of animal dealers and herpetoculturists. It is of peripheral interest to herpetologists, but might prove enlightening about activities (and individuals) they might wish to avoid during their academic pursuits. A richly detailed narrative of global malfeasance.

To reserve your autographed copy, send $25.00 plus $6.00 for shipping and handling.

If you do not live in the USA, please email us for the mailing cost to you.

If you are using a Credit Card, we need those three numbers on the back of the card to process your order. They are called CVV numbers.

1) Send a check to

Allen Salzberg
67-87 Booth Street - 5B
Forest Hills, New York 11375

Make the check out to Herpdigest.

2) By Paypal - our account is asalzberg@herpdigest.org

3) By credit card, Master or Visa, Discover and Amex, only, send us your credit card number, expiration date, billing and shipping address to asalzberg@herpdigest.org.

And don’t forget to include those three numbers from the back of the credit card. The CVV numbers.

4) By phone, call us at 1-718-275-2190 Eastern Standard Time (NYC) - Monday-Friday, 11 A.M.- 6 P.M. If not in, leave message and we'll call back.

>From Publisher's Weekly
In this very disturbing and very entertaining chronicle of reptile smugglers, the collectors and zoo keepers who trade with them, and the federal agents who try to catch them, the humans are as devious, dangerous, and creepily charming as the cold-blooded creatures they lust after. Science reporter Smith bases her book on extensive original interviews with two smugglers: Henry Molt Jr. is a reptile dealer who, in the 1960s, unable to get a job with a zoo, began a lifelong career of reptile collecting involving restless international travel, partner-stiffing, and jail time, with an undaunted enthusiasm that's survived into his 60s: "The reptile business ‘is a disease,' he said, and you can't retire from a disease." Equally outrageous is the volatile, knife-wielding Tommy Crutchfield, who expanded his childhood alligator-and-snake business into a million-dollar empire of reptile hunting and dealing. Even the curators of the Bronx and San Diego zoos let their obsession with the animals lure them into deals in order to obtain illegally imported rare breeds. Smith's affection for these unsavory people gives the book an intriguing moral ambiguity (which might make some environmentalists cringe), but the subculture's brazen shenanigans make for a convoluted, fascinating tale.

>From Kirkus Reviews
During the Victorian era’s natural-history craze, British museums hired working-class freelancers to collect Asian wildlife specimens. Later, zoos in the United States turned to similar adventurers to obtain live animals. By World War II, the heyday of specimen collecting had ended. But that did not deter two young snake-smitten Americans, Hank Molt and Tom Crutchfield, from embarking on the colorful careers recounted here. For several decades, separately and together, they lied, cheated and skirted the law in an obsessive worldwide quest for rare species to sell to eager curators. Many of their best deals violated wildlife export bans and the Endangered Species Act of 1973. A former salesman taken from childhood by “the romance of the snake,” Molt began dealing in reptiles in the 1960s, when the animal trade was still little regulated. Working out of a Pennsylvania pet shop (with help from a crazy ex-con), then from a brick storefront called the Exotarium, he filled the wish lists of many zoos. Once, he created a fake research institute in New Guinea to procure lizards and pythons for the Knoxville Zoo. Federal officials pursued Molt, calling him “an agent of extinction” and the “kingpin” of a multimillion-dollar smuggling ring. In fact, he netted $39,000 in his best year. Smith describes Molt’s escapades as he travels around the world, using bribes, flattery and phony zoo uniforms, as needed, to acquire animals and get them safely past U.S. inspectors. In the ’80s, his Florida-based rival Crutchfield, inspired by the Southern snake men who supplied traveling carnivals, quit his own sales job and built a hugely successful reptile business. His 120-acre herpetofauna compound included a barn the size of an airplane hangar filled with lizards, turtles and snakes. Narcissistic and violent, he eventually became down-on-his-luck Molt’s biggest buyer. Both men did time in prison, but kept coming back. “I’m addicted to drama,” said Molt.

Attitude, rather than disposition is more definitive of serpent behavior. From the moment they emerge into this world until they complete their life cycle, their attitude is "Don't tread on me. I am well equipped to defend myself, but content to pass through life unnoticed. I mean no harm to anything or anyone that our creator has not provided as my bill of fare; I am self sustaining and I like it that way, please pass me by." - W.E. Haast
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Matthijs Kuijpers

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PostSubject: Re: STOLEN WORLD: A TALE OF REPTILES, SMUGGLERS, AND SKULLDUGGERY Jennie Erin Smith Crown Publishing 336 pp.   Tue 7 Dec - 14:02

On Amazon they are selling the book for $16,50 now (pre-order).


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Peter van Issem
Serpent Chief
Serpent Chief

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PostSubject: Re: STOLEN WORLD: A TALE OF REPTILES, SMUGGLERS, AND SKULLDUGGERY Jennie Erin Smith Crown Publishing 336 pp.   Tue 7 Dec - 14:27

An other book dealing with the reptile smuggle is ,,The Lizzard King´´ add this to amazon you will find a book, with a lot of name the a well known.....And then you don´t wonder , that the are not longer in buissiness
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PostSubject: Re: STOLEN WORLD: A TALE OF REPTILES, SMUGGLERS, AND SKULLDUGGERY Jennie Erin Smith Crown Publishing 336 pp.   

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