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 Vipera berus, early birth

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Peter Zürcher

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PostSubject: Vipera berus, early birth   Sun 27 Apr - 20:06

The european common adder, Vipera b. berus, is well known to give birth to their young in late spring or early summer quite often, due to matings in late summer or early autumn.
I could watch this phenomenon several times in my outdoor-terrariums at the altitude of 1100 meters.
It's just crazy what happened today morning: One of the adult females came out from hibernation (first sighting this year) and started to release a couple of youngsters. Unfortunately, only one of them was born outside, the rest of the business was done somewhere under rocks.
some pictures:
combat dance between two silver males, 20. 04. 2007

fresh born young, just starting to shed, 31. 08. 2007

cutout of the berus outdoor terrarium

and finally, the fresh born youngsters, just a couple of hours old

Greetings from Carinthia, Austria, where berus is still living not only in my terrarium, but around my house as well.

Cobras - breathtaking beauties!

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Mario Lutz
Lord of the Serpents
Lord of the Serpents

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PostSubject: Re: Vipera berus, early birth   Sun 27 Apr - 21:32

congratulation peter!!!
i love Vipera berus, i sure do - sometime i will build a full acclimated house for specialties like that species (and few others of corse;) ) ...

thank you peter for letting us be part of it...

it is the best - to have the possibility to keep them out-doors in their home range... i just love to see them, vipera b. berus was the first venomous snake i have ever seen in my life (i was about 7 years old and kept already non-venomous snakes), and this species left just such a deep imprint on me...

congratulation again peter! good job!

thanks for sharing the picture!
awesome enclosure, by the way!


Attitude, rather than disposition is more definitive of serpent behavior. From the moment they emerge into this world until they complete their life cycle, their attitude is "Don't tread on me. I am well equipped to defend myself, but content to pass through life unnoticed. I mean no harm to anything or anyone that our creator has not provided as my bill of fare; I am self sustaining and I like it that way, please pass me by." - W.E. Haast
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Mario Strasser

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PostSubject: Re: Vipera berus, early birth   Wed 30 Apr - 19:44

Hello Peter !

I´ve send you a message the days.Did you get it ?!

kindly regards,

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Harold van der Ploeg

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PostSubject: Re: Vipera berus, early birth   Wed 30 Apr - 20:50

That's a very good looking outdoor enclosure! Cool
In The Netherlands it is forbidden by law to keep reptiles that inhabit our country. So I'm quite happy I have the opportunity to work with Vipera berus in situ.

Congratulations with the babies and good luck raising them Peter.

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PostSubject: Re: Vipera berus, early birth   

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Vipera berus, early birth
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